Arrive early for your child’s surf time.  Shortly after participation is confirmed, you will be receiving a surf time from the Surfers Healing Foundation Team in California.  It is recommended that you arrive approximately 30 minutes to an hour early for your child’s surf time.  This gives your child a chance to watch other children surfing and get acquainted with the experience. In addition, the camp may be running on time or early, and, in an effort to stay ahead, Surfers Healing may begin calling later time slots ahead of schedule.

Upon your arrival, you will check in at our Welcome Table so that we know your child is there and ready for his or her surf session.  When you check in, feel free to ask any questions you may have of our volunteers.  That is what they are there for and they are happy to help!

Please be considerate of other families when standing on the shoreline. When your child surfs, we want you to have the best view in the house and the best photo opportunities available.  For this reason, we ask that you stand back, away from the shoreline when your child is not surfing. This allows all parents a ‘front row seat” to capture the magic of your child catching a wave.

After your child’s surf session:  After your child gets out of the water from their surf session, they will receive a medal.  While we typically have a team of photographers trying to snap as many pictures of the day as possible, make sure to bring your camera, too, to ensure your child’s smile gets captured.

Parking:  You may be able to park your vehicle at your hotel and walk to 4th Street and 5th Street, but if you are traveling to camp by car, we recommend the 2nd Street Municipal Lot, the Rudee Loop lot, or the 4th Street lot.  For a map of oceanfront parking, visit www.vbfun.com.