The Surf Styles of Surfers Healing Va Beach 2013

IN 2014, the Surfers Healing Virginia Beach camp was a 2-day camp which took out over 400 children with autism. Stay tuned in early Spring of 2015 for the release of the ’15 dates and sign-ups. We will announce it on our Facebook page and here on our website, so check back in mid-to-late April. 

Click HERE for some FAQs we field a lot that may help our newbie camp parents understand a little more about the process for registration, etc.

Surfers Healing was founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz. Their son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with autism at age three. Like many children with autism, he often suffered from sensory overload– simple sensations could overwhelm him. The ocean was the one place where he seemed to find respite.

A former competitive surfer, Israel hit upon an idea–with Isaiah on the front of his surfboard, and Izzy steering from the back, the two spent the day surfing together. Surfing had a profound impact on Isaiah. Israel and Danielle decided they wanted to share this unique therapy, they began to host day camps at the beach where children with autism and their families could be exposed to a completely
new experience of surfing.

This will be the 10th year that Virginia Beach has hosted the Surfers Healing Team. Each year has been a huge success thanks to the sea of support from our many Community Partners, Sponsors and Volunteers.
This occasion has been rated by locals and participating families as one of the most
touching and most inspirational events they
have ever experienced!

Surfers Healing VB is organized and run through Guardian Angels Fund, Inc. a 501(C)3 Non-Profit & Philanthropic organization.
EIN#: 42-1606959